Welcome to Oliver Street Thrift & Vintage. A curated online thrift & vintage shop with an eye for quality!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I expect my package to arrive?
    • Orders are processed within 1 business day.

    •  This is in addition to the shipping carriers Estimated Date of Delivery.
    • Your package Tracking Number will immediately be sent to you upon shipment.You can keep up with the status of your shipment with your tracking number.

    • * If you get concerned about a late package, contact me. I can file a "Find Package" claim on the the shipping carrier's website to keep you up to date. You are welcomed to DIY that task if you wish. 

  • Do you have the dimensions/measurements of this item?
    • I've included the dimensions/measurements of items in their description boxes for your convenience.
  • How were the measurements taken?
    • Clothing measurements are taken with the garments laying flat.
  • Are there any flaws I should be aware of?
    • Some items have small flaws but are just TOO COOL to not have a second life. I always make sure to note it in the description if an item is flawed and include a photo that clearly depicts it.
  • Is your packaging eco friendly?
    • YES! Packaging peanuts and bubble wrap are degrade-able. Most boxes and other forms of packaging are recycled packaging from local sources. When you purchase from Oliver Street, you're reducing the demand for fast fashion and giving new life to awesome, perfectly rockin items that could have otherwise found themselves burned or thrown in a landfill! THANK YOU for supporting my passion for style, fashion and sustainability!